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The Ottawa River has a long history, even longer than the length of the river itself! Initially utilized as a transportation corridor to move people and goods, the Ottawa now is not only a source of electrical power generation but one of inspiration. The beauty of the Ottawa River and its shorelines is apparent to all who have the chance to travel its waters. Along with beauty, the river offers excellent opportunities for canoe trips, white water rafting or exploring its diverse culture and history.

 The Ottawa River

This 26" x 16" image is filled with detail thanks to the Landsat 7 Satellite that collected the data. This image is called a false colour enhancement and it really highlights the subtle features in agricultural lands while also providing sharp contrasts between land and water. The variety of crops, land and forest covers in the image are depicted as different colours due to the intensities of different wavelengths of light reflected off the terrain. The Ottawa River and other water bodies appear black due to low reflectivity in the infrared portions of the electomagnetic spectrum.

For a more detail explanation of what you'll see in this image take a quick tour down The Ottawa River .

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