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Vacation Destinations as viewed from Air and Space.

The National Capital Region has as it's roots in the logging communities of Wrightown (Hull) and Bytown (Ottawa). Today, the Region is home to the Houses of Parliament, many Federal government offices and a growing high tech community. Just about everyone in the region would be quick to point out our proximity to abundant natural settings or our diverse cultural heritage. How many urban areas can you name with a working farm right in their centre!

Canada's National Capital Region

This 22" x 26" image is filled with detail thanks to the Landsat 7 Satellite that collected the data. This image is called a false-colour enhancement and really highlights the various land cover types. Many agricultural areas appear as shades of reds or greens, urban areas in purples, and forested areas in greens. The terrain features within the image are depicted as different colours due to the intensities of different wavelengths of light reflected off the surface. The Ottawa River and other water bodies appear black due to low reflectivity in the infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. What do you think the clusters of bright yellow banana shaped features are, (here's a hint ... Fore!)

For a more detail explanation of what you'll see in this image take a quick tour around The National Capital Region.

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